About Us

Welcome Dp Members to the Divine Purpose Church Online Community. Here, you will have total access to your church events and various church interactions. This is our platform for mass communication. Our online community is developed to keep our membership engaged in a safe and spiritual online environment. The main focus is to be spiritually connected and informed. Please note that this is our Online Community Site and our original site can be accessed here.

As believers in Jesus, our faith for our salvation and eternity rests in Christ's work alone. God is our Refuge and Strength and our ever present Help in time of need. He is sovereign over all and that includes the Coronavirus. While we may not understand everything, we can trust in our Lord and Savior that He is in control and that He loves us. We have no reason to fear because our God has all power and He deeply cares for us. Let's be wise and patient and let God work it all out!